The home Teresa Built


1 First 1 Front 2 Foyer 3 Powder Room 4 Family Room 5 Family Room 5a Fireplace 6 Kitchen Nook 7 Microwave 8 Kitchen 9 Kitchen Sink 10 Microwave Stove

11 Stove 12 Pantry 13 Refrigerator 17 Upstairs 18 Downstairs 19 Master bedroom 20 Master Bedroom 21 Master Bath 22 Master Bath 23 Master Tile 24 Master Bath 25 Tub 26 Tub & Shower 27 28 Bonus Room 29 Bonus Room 30 Bonus Room 31 Upstairs Laundry 32 Main Bath 33 Bedroom 2 34 Bedroom 3 35 Backyard 36 Backyard 37 Backyard



 IMG_6207  IMG_6208 IMG_6210  IMG_6212

IMG_6220  IMG_6219 IMG_6218  IMG_6213 IMG_6221  IMG_6222

IMG_6214  IMG_6215

IMG_6223  IMG_6224 IMG_6225  IMG_6226 IMG_6227 IMG_6259 IMG_6258  IMG_6229 IMG_6228 IMG_6230 IMG_6232 IMG_6234 IMG_6236  IMG_6237 IMG_6238  IMG_6239 IMG_6240  IMG_6241 IMG_6242  IMG_6245 IMG_6246  IMG_6247 IMG_6249  IMG_6253 IMG_6256  IMG_6257

IMG_6254  IMG_6255



Front1  Front2

Garage1 Garage2

Garage3 Kitchen Kitchen Nook Family Room Family Room Fireplace Powder Room1 Powder Room2 Stairs1 Stairs2 Master Bedroom1

Master Bedroom2 Master Bath1 Master Bath2 Master Bath3 Master Bathroom Master Bedroom Closet

Bedroom1 Bedroom2

Loft  IMG_5899 IMG_5900  IMG_5912 IMG_5913  IMG_5905 IMG_5914  IMG_5898 IMG_5911  IMG_5915



IMG_5812  IMG_5813 IMG_5814  IMG_5815



Drive By 12-4


FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_3




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