How important is it to have my home pre-inspected before selling my home?

Personally, I will not sell my own home without having it pre- inspected first. I always recommend to my clients whatever, I would personally do for myself.

I consider pre-inspecting critical information that you must have. As the seller, you need to know the condition of your home and any needed repairs BEFORE you price your home, put it on the market and accept an Offer To Purchase.

I’m sure you’re thinking why should I care about this? It’s the buyers expense anyway. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

The benefits of pre-inspecting are numerous and very valuable to you. If you pre-inspect and discover that there are no major required repairs, fantastic and you can disclose this to all potential purchasers. If you pre-inspect and discover just a few minor issues, again you can disclose that they existed and that you have fixed them. Lastly, if you choose to pre-inspect and you discover something major, you will KNOW about it. This is critical. You will be operating from a position of strength. Obviously, you will disclose this issue. But now you can determine if you are going to repair this or not. Either way, you are pricing your home accordingly and with full knowledge. Pre-inspecting will also help you if the buyer happens to choose an inferior inspector. It might be worth it, to save your sale, to have your professional inspector come back to assist, if needed. The best position that you can be in, is an informed position.

Choosing not to pre-inspect, can be very costly to you. If you choose to wait for the buyer’s inspection to uncover any problems, you are not operating from a position of strength. The buyer is going to want a licensed contractor to make all repairs and request that you provide a receipt. The worst case scenario of all, is if the buyer’s inspection uncovers a major repair. If you chose not to pre-inspect, you will have set a price on your home, negotiated and accepted an Offer to Purchase, without full knowledge. When you do this, you run the risk of getting negotiated down to your very lowest price and THEN finding out about a major safety repair.

Think about it like this. If you were a buyer and you could choose between a house that has been thoroughly inspected. You know everything about this house and it is in good working order. The sellers have repaired the items that needed to be addressed and you know there won’t be any surprises. Or you could choose the other house that hasn’t been inspected and you don’t really know it’s condition and there could be some surprises. If everything else is equal, which home would you choose?

Knowledge is power. Always operate from a position of strength.

I hope this helps!


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