November Home Care & Tips


Nov Home Tips


“I’m not looking to move for 3-4 months, where should I start?”

If you want to purchase a home in 3-4 months, you want to start with a Buyer Meeting. I can arrange an appointment in my office. I will also have one of my lenders at the appointment, so that you can start with getting pre-approved for a mortgage. During our initial appointment, we will discuss what type of home you are looking for and set up your home search website. On your website you will be notified about new listings as soon as they are entered into the MLS. Once a property has accepted an offer, it will be removed from your website. This will save you time, so that you aren’t driving around looking at homes that are already sold. Our initial appointment usually takes about 1 – 1.5 hours, but it sets a great foundation for ensuring that we find the absolute best home that is available on the market when you are ready. You can never start too soon with regards to setting up your mortgage and getting familiar with the homes that match your search criteria.