Local Art Session: African Mask Prints

Over the past weekend, I went to the African Mask Prints at Mint Museum in Charlotte.  This exhibit included masks and pottery focusing on the Igbo people.

One of the parts of the exhibit, explained about Medicine Pots used in the mid-20th century  in Southeastern Nigeria. The pots contained holy water and other substances used in healing ceremonies. The pots are shaped in the form of a female and a male. This is to symbolize duality.

Another part of the exhibit was the Royal Twin Figure Garment. It was made out of wood, pigment, metal, beads and twine. Bead work was restricted royalty, so when a royal twin dies, the ibeji is dressed in this beaded tunic. The artists who made this tunic would have been the crowns and headdresses that the kings would wear.

photo(40)It was a great experience to learn about and a great chance go to Mint Museum. I will be keeping an eye on their upcoming events and will post about them!


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